Pao is a casual gourmet restaurant and bar on Springfield’s west side. We focus on Pacific Coast Cuisine with primarily an American Asian feel, I know that sounds a little confusing but we make it work. Pao is here to have fun and enjoy the evening whether your with a significant other or in a large party. From spring to fall you can enjoy watching the sun set from the outdoor patio, which I might add is the best patio seating Springfield has to offer. Pao is the perfect place to enjoy one of our superbly made cocktails or one of our hot Mojitos where we only use freshly squeezed lemons and limes. We’ve also added a fresh new craft beer menu for those that don’t want to have to cram into a noisy sloppy pub to get a good beer. Sushi? You bet, Pao offers the best and some of the most unique sushi around and we do it right, made to order, you just don’t shortcut sushi. And for those that were curious we do make 98% of everything from scratch (were not a bakery so we don’t make the bread) from our apps to our desserts and everything in between. So stay up to date with this site so you know whats changing and happening. And remember, Pao offers a place for all occasions and for anyone, so come, kick back and enjoy the fine parts of life.