10 Best Pellets For Grill – Better Details Make Better Quality

Are you bound to have a big BBQ party at home but have not yet got the idea of the most suitable pellet to count on? We must say, it’s a good catch for a fortune that you’ve landed here!

Our below content will outline in-depth pros and cons of each of the top 10 best pellets for grill you should no way miss out on. Scroll down and treat yourself to a feast with all senses!

10 Best Pellets For Grill

1. Traeger Wood Pellets – Best Overall

Source: Amazon


  • Brand: Traeger
  • Flavor: Signature Blend (Pellets/ Pellets + Accessory Bundle/ Pellets + Rub), Apple, Cherry, Hickory, Mesquite, Pecan
  • Material: Wood
  • Weight: 20 pounds


The first and foremost to come in the battle is the Traeger Signature Wood Pellets.

It is not at all exaggerating to say Traeger has created the best pellets for brisket and fantastic grilling accessories. 

With the material derived from a hundred percent hardwood, the Traeger grill fuel yields the ultimate true-to-life smoke flavor. Not a bag containing a majority of fillers or stuffers, but a genuine high-profile pellet is what the customers shall get hold of.

Not just so, this popular product also brings about good news for those who are against ashy grilling, with much fewer ashes produced compared to other rivals on the market. There you go to have no longer an after chaotic mess needing sanitization!

Another plus point is the Traeger grill’s versatility to possess a diverse collection of tastes and work wonders on various kinds of meats. No matter if you prefer cherry, pecan, hickory, apple, mesquite, or even combining them all, Traeger can handle it for you regardless!


  • Suitable with a variety of food.
  • Perform well in several grills and smokers.
  • Less ash was generated.
  • 100% hardwood.


  • A bit pricey.

2. CookingPellets 40PM Perfect Mix – The Runner-up

Source: Amazon


  • Brand: CookinPellets
  • Flavor: Perfect Mix, Apple Mash, Hickory, Black Cherry, Mesquite, Cherry, Maple
  • Material: Wood
  • Weight: 40 Pounds


This competitor can be almost in parallel with the Traeger.

Multiple aromas are available for you to pick from. Better yet, they include no additive but the qualified wood pellet grills only. Of which the entire material is from the log’s center, so-called the body part containing less Lignin (a fuel source and binder by nature). Therefore, they produce more ash and more heat that can get your meat ready faster.

The brand also pledges no alder or oak, which are filler woods, is enclosed in ingredients since they are usually the main reason for the limited length of the smoke and the cooking process being too lengthy.

As a result, you can expect less time for the meat to be completely edible and more time to enjoy the Barbecue after that.


  • Mellow aroma.
  • Additives-free.
  • Various flavor.
  • Ideal for short-term grilling and long-haul smokes.


  • Not compatible with all kinds of grills.
  • The aroma may be too bland.

3. Pecan Flavor BBQR’s Delight Smoking BBQ Pellets – Best Value For The Money

Source: Amazon


  • Brand: BBQ’rs Delight
  • Flavor: Pecan, Cherry, Contest Mix, Hickory, Jack Daniel’s, Mesquite, Oak, Master Your Beef
  • Material: Wood
  • Weight: 20 Pounds


Another consideration regarding the best pellets for grill for you to walk through is the Pecan Flavor BBQR’s Delight.

This one has a huge reputation for professionals like chefs and grilling teams. You can barely see any badmouth about it on Facebook or in discussing forums. How can that happen if such a pellet is an inadequate product, right?

Now, it’s always the variation that we come off first. A wide range of flavors indeed would be what people are going to talk about in this pellet.

Apart from the “contest mix,” which is composed of 17% of pecan and cherry and 66% oak, all of their pellets comprise one-third of the designated flavor wood and two-thirds of white oak.

Thanks to this blending formula, the brand has lifted up the quality to a vastly stable and consistent burn rate regardless of what aroma you choose to adopt.

It is not yet to mention the product’s ground-level moisture, speedy hot burn, less cleaning bother, and oil/ filter-free feature. Well, where else can you find more value than such a pellet, isn’t it?


  • 100% hardwood.
  • Less ash was generated.
  • Burn well with consistent heat
  • Reasonable price 


  • The flavor gets a bit milder than expected.

4. Lumber Jack Competition Blend – Best For Fruity Flavor

Source: Amazon


  • Brand: Lumber Jack
  • Flavor: Cherry, Hickory, Maple
  • Material: Wood
  • Weight: 20 Pounds


When it comes to Lumber Jack pellets, this product’s fruit savor is perhaps what stands out the most.

It is because the brand has completely removed the tree bark when making the blend of fruity mixtures. As a result, the fruit flavor is not only more noticeable than the base wood, but the whole package also provides 100% wood still. It deserves the title of the best pellet grill for searing.

Now speaking of the tree’s bark, you’ll recognize the smoking may be a bit ashier compared to other competitions due to the attribution of this ingredient. Yet, for authentic wood taste, we would say a bit of additional ash from burnt bark is a fair deal to take.


  • Pure material.
  • Various kinds of flavors.
  • Add a superior smoky touch to the food


  • Generate quite a huge amount of ash.
  • Out of stock once in a while.

5. Bear Mountain Premium BBQ Woods Gourmet Blend – Best Versatile

Source: Amazon


  • Brand: Bear Mountain Premium BBQ Woods
  • Flavor: Alder, Apple, Bourbon, Cherry, Gourmet BBQ, Hickory, Gourmet Blend, Maple, Mesquite, Oak, Pecan
  • Material: 100% All-Natural Hardwood
  • Weight: 20 Pounds, 40 Pounds


What comes off strongest at this Bear Mountain Premium BBQ Woods is possibly its versatility to work wonders on all kinds of meat with the varied collection of tastes, ranging from apple, cherry, and alder, to mesquite or pecan.

So whether you are the one who’s into delectable vivid smoky chicken thighs or a mellow grilled fish dish, the pellets can all serve you!

Another top-drawer side that arrives in sight is the product’s natural ingredients. That way, it gets in the scene with 100% of a bag being a specific species of wood only.

The only note is that some flavors such as oak, cherry, and apple may be blended with alder or other oak. Yet, do not rush to worry since this may result in a consistent burnt blend, and stable heat produced that can only benefit your feast.


  • Tenable with 100% hardwood.
  • Versatile with various flavor.
  • Ground-level moisture.


  • It may leave a harsh smoking odor in your space which lasts over the next couple of days.

6. Camp Chef Premium Hardwood Pellets – Best For Less Dust Generated

Source: Amazon


  • Brand: Camp Chef
  • Flavor: Maple, Cherry, Hickory
  • Material: Wood
  • Weight: 20 Pounds


If you are tracking down a decent wood fuel game that generates the minimum ash or dust after use, look nowhere further than the Camp Chef Premium Hardwood Pellets to fill the bill.

The chief attributor that devotes to this outcome the most is nothing else but the pure virgin hardwoods making up the pellets.

Let’s imagine this as a sequence of contributions. Owing to no binders, oils, or chemicals added, the Camp Chef winds up at a flat moisture rate, creating vastly hot, dry grilling pellets.

This leads to less burning regardless of how high you set the heat level or cooking temperature, therefore less ash to sanitize and more fuel to save for your following BBQ party.


  • Easy to use.
  • Compatible with all grills.
  • Long-lasting smoking and short cooking time.
  • Less dust.


  • Their flavors are not that pleasant.
  • A little pricey.

7. RectTec Grills Ultimate Blend Pellets – Best For Consistent Quality

Source: Amazon


  • Brand: RecTec
  • Flavor: Hickory and Oak blended
  • Material: Wood
  • Weight: 41 Pounds


These pellets must spoil those who do not have a ball with shopping over and over again.

Due to the manufacturing process of being compressed tightly to form a solid density, the Rectec’s volume perhaps speaks forward than any other hardwood log fuel. This way of packing also means there are abundant benefits to draw on.

Not only will the pellets store a lot more energy as a result, but you can also experience dependable and consistent grilling because of their uniform size.


  • Consistent quality.
  • Strong taste.
  • Can stock up an extended amount of fuel for later use.


  • A funny smell when unopened.

8. BBQr’s Delight Wood Smoking Pellets – Easiest To Use With Various Varieties

Source: Amazon


  • Brand: BBQr’s Delight
  • Flavor: Apple, Mesquite, Hickory, Pecan, Cherry, and Jack Daniel’s
  • Material: Wood
  • Weight: 1 pound for each pack


Do you want to try every wood species without spending a fortune? Or perhaps you’re new to grilling pellets and want to try each taste to see whether they go well together. The BBQr’s Delight Super Smoker Variety Pack is then your optimal choice to have a go at!

They come in a wide range of tastes, including pecan, cherry, mesquite, apple, hickory, and Jack Daniel’s pellet flavors. Better yet, a bag can be used for up to ten days, so you can feel free to throw a barbecue feast whenever you want without worrying about the fuel running out of stock.

The best part is that each 1-pound bag measures exactly for 10 uses, so you can easily calculate the amount of each use in case you have just tried grilling with pellets.

Additionally, they function admirably with all types of grills. Create your own combination of pellets by combining the various tastes or not. Either way, a hearty, mouthwatering meal is awaiting forward!


  • Simple to use.
  • Appropriate for all grills.
  • Offered in a range of tastes.
  • Reliable use.


  • A little bit costly.

9. Pit Boss 55435 40 Pound Bag BBQ Wood Pellets – Classic Choice

Source: Amazon


  • Brand: Pit Boss
  • Flavor: Hickory, Maple, and Cherry blended
  • Material: Wood
  • Weight: 40 Pounds


For those who are already familiar with Pit boss as a well-known grill pellet company, you may have nothing to be amazed at hearing it is also where to find reliable hardwood smoker pellets.

Several customs have reached out to this brand due to its persistent reputation for making marvelous qualified products, and this Pit Boss 55435 40 Pound Bag BBQ Wood Pellets is not an exception.

If you are a big fan of well-liked traditional flavors, including apple, cherry, whiskey barrel, oak, pecan, maple, hickory, and mesquite, you definitely do not want to miss out on the Pit Boss since there’s nothing in that list it cannot offer you!

Plus, you may rest assured knowing Pit Boss Pellets are made entirely of natural hardwood obtained from all around North America. They don’t contain any glues, chemicals, artificial flavorings, flavoring oils, or sprays.


  • Reasonable price.
  • Various flavors (traditional ones).
  • Additives-free, less harmful smoke.
  • Large container.


  • Sawing in the bottom of the bag.

10. ASMOKE Apple Wood Pellets – Environmentally-Friendly Choice

Source: Amazon


  • Brand: Pit Boss
  • Flavor: Apple
  • Material: Wood
  • Weight: 20 Pounds


We think one highlight that hardly anyone can neglect when it comes to ASMOKE is their tear-resistant package. With a decent volume of 20 pounds of pellets attached to a steady container, this product is an ideal sidekick for your family’s BBQ picnic!

Having said that, it doesn’t mean there is nothing besides to talk about the ASMOKE, especially when we have not yet pointed out its one considerable environment-friendly feature.

As such, the brand has a remarkable rule to not take advantage of any apple tree that does not reach 50 years old (a bare minimum for the tree able to be harvested). Not much of an enormous action, but we guess many a little shall make a mickle!


  • Long-lasting smoking.
  • Sweet mellow flavor.
  • Works on all meats.
  • Less ash generated.
  • Environment protection.


  • Some pellets are hard to burn.

How to Choose the Best Wood Pellet Flavors for Your Grill

Hardwood or Softwood

First thing first, it does matter which types of wood your pellet is made of. There has been much discussion over this, but frankly speaking: Hardwood prevails as always!

You may see at softwood a greater produced heat. Yet, it will be less likely to impress you when compared to the stable burning rates of the opponent, which therefore leads to a more steady temperature.

Besides, isn’t that an ultimate pure smoke aroma the main hitch you have been seeking? If so, there’s another reason why you should go for hardwood!

And in the end, we’ve gained: Fantastic, smooth smoke flavor and constant burn temperature to make the best wood pellets for smoking. Prepare yourself to resist the draw from this potential material!

10 Best Pellets For Grill - Better Details Make Better Quality
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100% Flavored Wood or Added Fillers

This is perhaps the below-sea part that several manufacturers will not tell you about, but there is a high possibility your pack of pellets doesn’t contain flavored wood only.

Then what else does it enclose? You must wonder.

Filters, at this point, are the answer you’ve been looking for. As such, adding filters like alder or oak on purpose shall help pellet companies reduce the price of their goods.

This action certainly leaves consequences. You will not wish to buy a pellet bag with too much filter mixed (perhaps up to 80% according to the formula of some manufacturers).

It is because they’ll degrade the flavor to an undesired extent, which is definitely not the vigorous smoke aroma you’ve been hoping to retrieve.

On the contrary, 100% flavored wood pellets bring much further value in terms of appetite. A treat for the taste with stronger and more dynamic savor indeed is what we would refer them to.

So, feel free to opt for the cheapest in the market if you prefer, but take our words when we say you’ll get what you pay for.

Grasp Difference Between Heating Pellets and Smoking Pellets

Although it seems harmless, using heating pellets in replace of smoking variants gains a big chance of putting your health at risk.

The hidden reason for this is that such a kind of pellet is a composition of hardwood treated with pesticides and other poisonous chemicals. Therefore, these pellets can only be of use as fuel in pellet stoves, not in smoking your delectable BBQ.

Similar names with seemingly similar make-up materials yet fatal jeopardy you would earn if mistaking these two types.

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Choose your Flavor by Choosing Your Hardwood

Mild Flavors

Amongst those frequently used timbers, alder, maple, beech, apple, mulberry, cherry, grapes, and olive are the prevalent ones that you can reckon on to create a moderate amount of smoke flavors.

Below are briefly how they work on your feast for you to take as reference:

  • Maple – Carry the best job on vegetables, poultry, cheeses, and in the flesh’s darkening. You can also combine it with other pellets, such as alder, oak, or apple, for a better output to come.
  • Alder – Poultry, and fish are this pellet’s perfect companies. As a bonus on the side, a sense of sweetness will be what touches your dish by nature.
  • Mulberry – This kind plays as a tiptop sidekick of apple pellets if you prefer to lift up your meat to some extent.
  • Apples – If your preference leans towards a diversity of foods, you may not want to miss out on this warrior. Warning: It can result in a taste that’s a little too delicate for red meat.
  • Beech – An ideal addition for a subtle taste.
  • Olives – Works the best with poultry.
  • Grapes – A potential nominee for sausage, lamb, poultry, and even birds if you enjoy an extra sourness and fruity aroma.
  • Cherry – A treat for the majority of meats, especially if you are bound to adjoin a bit of a mahogany color to the meal.

Medium Flavors

In terms of medium flavors, we have pretty lesser choices to offer. Nevertheless, it’s always quality over quantity, like an old saying.

  • Peach or pear – serves a midway sweetness and fruity savor.
  • Oak – offers heaps of heat for those who wish for a bit of a wild pleasant.

Strong Flavors

What if neither mildness nor medium rate, but it’s a tenacious essence you are heading toward? Then there go your best remedies in sight!

  • Pecan – a powerful yet sophisticated pellet that can be a bit bitter if you overuse it. It works wonders the best for your poultry and pork.
  • Hickory – a crony for all kinds of meat – the ultimate choice for glorifying boldness and sweetness at the same time.
  • Walnuts – an astonishment for red meats but even better if mixed with other flavors.
  • Mesquite – generate an abundance of heat and grill speedily, performing the best with dark meats.

How to Use Pellets For Grill?

There is actually not much to worry about how to employ pellets the right way. Simply blend them with your charcoal, and here you go to get your prep grilling ready!

For those who are still unsure about such a task, the following are in-depth details of what you should get done.

  • Step 1: Turn on your charcoal grill and fire some of them up.
  • Step 2: Tot up a decent amount of wooden pellets (beneath the rock grate, of course!) as your charcoal is totally heated and on fire.
  • Step 3: Wait to see those pellets burst into flames (typically a short term after being set up) and begin your grilling.
  • Step 4: Let the lid close and make sure your meal has sunk in the flame. Don’t forget to set the timing so that the dish won’t be burnt.

Keep in mind that adopting wood pellets only can burn down rather quickly (one-third is equal to one hour and a half grilling). So if that bothers you, adding a smoker box or a foil can be of great help.

Wood Pellet FAQs

Are Wood Pellets Safe?

Yes, but only if you employ the right kind. As we have pointed out, there are certain distinctions between heating and smoking pellets. Once misusing them, the payback is unforeseen.

Furthermore, you may also pay attention to how to store your wood pellets appropriately to prevent them from gaining fungi.

How Long Does a Bag of Wood Pellets Last?

A good rule of thumb is a pound of pellets will last roughly one hour. Based on this formula, you can probably calculate the span life of your 20-pound bag of wood pellets.

However, note that this estimation can vary depending on how the weather looks like and whether you are using the high heat or not.

How To Store Your Wood Pellets?

Arriving is a daily reminder for you: Even being in an unopened state, there is still a high chance of a pellet bag getting ruined by moisture. So the first thing first is to avoid keeping yours laying unorganized on the ground.

Rather than that, a bigger airtight container or bucket with sealed lids would be an optimal choice to preserve the pack of fibers for later use.

In The Nutshell

Smoking impeccable meat involves more than just lighting the grill and setting the temperature right. And to get your way there, the best pellets for grill shall play an indispensable role that you should not overlook.

The market is indeed a boundless sea to pick up your preference, but we have faith that you will find the way out eventually!

Looking at all sides, our number-one potential nominee, the Traeger Wood Pellets, promisingly will not fail your expectation of an all-rounded bag of fuel.

Where else can you acquire the ultimate natural woody ingredient, versatility, grills-accordant, and a bunch of furthermore advantageous features at once? Well, think through and decide whether or not to seize this treat of value!

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