What Is The Best Pellet For Brisket? Options to Consider

It’s hard to refuse a smoky and luscious piece of brisket – especially when they are exquisitely prepared by the best pellet for brisket available on the market! 

Choosing a quality power source is the success behind a spectacular dish, but that’s certainly not an easy feat to accomplish. Fortunately, you have got our team behind your back!

This guide will discuss in depth all the critical factors to pay attention to during your purchase. Furthermore, we also recommend some amazing products you may consider for your family. Want to know more? Let’s dive in!

What Is The Best Pellet For Brisket Options to Consider

How to Choose The Best Pellet for Brisket? Things to Pay Attention To

Smoking brisket generally uses two pellet wood types: fruitwoods and hardwoods. The latter has been recognized for a clean and nice smoke generation without toxic chemicals, while fruitwoods impart a more subtle wood aroma to your meat.

The list below will detail different brisket flavors produced by different wood pellet types: 

Wood TypeSmoke TypeFlavor 
Hard Woods
OakMedium strengthBurn for hoursGreat for beginnersTraditional and strong
MesquiteThe strongest smokeBurns quicklyEarthy
HickoryStrong smokeStronger than fruit woods but milder than mesquiteBacon-like or nutty flavor
Fruit Woods
Apple MediumFruity and sweet flavor with bolder notes. Still weaker than Pecan.
PecanVery strongVanilla, nutty, and subtle-sweet aroma
MapleQuite MildA subtle-sweet taste

We suggest you go stronger with huge beef briskets, which is why hickory, mesquite, and oak woods are among the most common choices. 

Still, novices might feel more comfortable with milder undertones offered by maple, pecan, and apple wood. Some argue that applewood works better for turkey and chicken, but it’s actually pretty practical for meaty and natural flavor for briskets as well.

On the other hand, most fruitwoods introduce complex taste variations – terrific for experimental recipes. Meanwhile, oakwood is a true crowd favorite with the greatest smoke amount. 

As oakwood can combine with most other pellets, it’s possible to fuse it and hickory to balance the overall smell. You can also blend in some maple wood to yield a more distinct taste!

Side note: And of course, even high-quality pellets can not produce the desired outcome if the smoker is below standard. Do proper research to seize the best pellet smoker for brisket or any other type of meat!

What Are The Best Pellets for Smoking Brisket? Some Recommendations

1. Best for Smoker and Grill Compatibility – CookinPellets 40H

Source: Amazon 


  • Dimensions: 22 x 12 x 6 inches
  • Weight: 40 pounds
  • Type: Hickory

CookinPellets are made of 100% hickory wood with no fillers, meaning you can use them for any grill to impart intense flavors through the brisket’s inner layers! Regardless of your chosen smoker, they barely produce any ash, always generating the clearest, brightest flames for enhanced taste!

Hence, thanks to the sizzling texture it generates, hickory wood will be a terrific idea for saucy and sweet recipes. 

And how about some bolder and more robust aroma? We are delighted to inform you that CookinPellets can also accommodate that! After all, their strong smoke pairs greatly with poultry, pork, and beef briskets, leaving behind a nutty taste rarely seen with other types of hardwoods. 

If only the brand caters more to their packaging services; some customers report broken pellets upon the product’s arrival.


  • No fillers, fitting any grill
  • No ash
  • Bright and clear flames for better taste
  • Impart robust flavors to your meat


  • Flimsy packaging

2. Best for BBQ Cuts – Traeger Mesquite All-Natural

Source: Amazon 


  • Dimensions: 3 x 16 x 24 inches
  • Weight: 20 pounds
  • Type: Mesquite

It’s hard to spot any other alternative on the market with such an admirable balance of moist and dry. Lauded as among the best traeger pellets for brisket, its cell structure is versatile and compact, resulting in a more balanced scorch. Thus, the smoke-to-burn ratio for your briskets is always delicately maintained, creating a sweet spot that would leave a mouth-watering taste for any BBQ cut!

We are also delighted that they come with spice rub packages, which you may use to spread over the shells. Done with the right heating temp, they will manifest a spicy flavor that makes your tongue burn (in a good way) for days!

Our major complaint is the powders accumulated in the bag, which spill into the hopper once the bag is opened.


  • Versatile cell structure for a balanced smoke-to-burn ratio
  • Spice rub packages included to yield a spicy flavor
  • Work well with poultry and beef


  • Powders in the package

3. Best Heating Speed – ASMOKE Apple Hardwood

Source: Amazon 


  • Dimensions: 16.3 inches x 13.6 inches x 5 inches
  • Weight: 20 pounds
  • Type: Fruitwood, Apple

Just the heating speed alone is enough to earn this option a second look! Its admirable burning power (8500 BTUs) propels your cuisine to 500 degrees Fahrenheit 20% faster than most other rivals. Even better, these pellets can last for at least ten hours; there’s no need to fetch your bags for constant replacement, saving lots of precious time!

For those who despise artificial food taste, we have some great news. These wood balls are made from 100% natural apple hardwood, handpicked, and proceeded in their high-quality facilities. No glues, chemicals, or additives are included, delivering the sweetest and most delectable flavors without any health risks!

Everything would be even more perfect if the package arrived at a more affordable price. Customers complain that it’s more costly than other apple hardwood alternatives they purchased in the past. Also, flameout issues may happen after months of usage.


  • Great burning speed
  • No ash
  • Made of natural hardwood for non-artificial taste


  • Possible flameout issues
  • A bit costly

4. Best Heat Distribution – Cameron Kiln-Dried

Source: Amazon 


  • Dimensions: 13 x 13 x 7 inches
  • Weight: 20 pounds
  • Type: Maple

Nothing can fare against Cameron when it comes to heat distribution. The bundle is equipped with fine-grade raw timber that ignites at an incredible speed, spreading the internal temp evenly across all surfaces. Every meat portion will enjoy the same attention, leading to the most consistent texture you have ever got your hands on!

Equal heat distribution also means the emitted smoke is just right – neither lacking nor excessive – perfect for smoking briskets! As a result, they can bring miracles to smoky recipes like beef, pork, and poultry. Hell, you can even make smoked cheesecakes with ease, too!

Still, be prepared for hours of cleaning; rumors have it that they spit lots of ashes to the ground!


  • Uniform heat distribution for more consistent texture
  • Ignites fast
  • Works for both indoors and outdoors grills
  • Great smoky flavors


  • Produces lots of ashes

5. Best Blended Taste – Camp Chef Competition

Source: Amazon 


  • Dimensions: 21 x 14 x 4 inches
  • Weight: 20 pounds
  • Type: Hickory, Maple, Cherry

Want to spice up your cuisine with more flavors? Then behold Camp Chef Competition – an amazing fusion of hickory, maple, and cherry! 

As each of them imparts different tastes, their combination produces a very distinctive note that is both smoky and subtle-sweet, giving your guests (or whoever has the opportunity to enjoy your cooking) a long-lasting impression!

Made from 100% natural hardwood, these pellets come at a surprisingly cheap price – a godsend for budget customers! 

It takes at least a week to use them up (or even longer if you do not use the grill that often); grand BBQ parties at affordable charges are within your grasp!

Our only concern is their not-very-clean burns, imprinting some brown residues around the smoker’s lid. You might need quite some time to scrub them off!


  • 100% natural wood
  • Cheap price
  • Combining hickory, maple, and cherry for distinctive texture
  • Leaving little ash


  • Unclean burns
  • The packaging is a bit flimsy

6. Longest Burn Time – Rec Tec Premium

Source: Amazon 


  • Dimensions: 22 x 14 x 5.25 inches
  • Weight: 40 pounds
  • Type: Hickory

Rec Tec Premium takes the crown regarding burn time, credited to its superior density. The brand compresses natural hardwood into thick and compact pellet shells, storing more energy than any wood log out there! 

As a result, it only takes a few hours to turn your raw meat into a gorgeous golden-brown brisket that makes everyone wish to have a taste!

Even better, every pellet is created exactly uniform in size (Sounds so simple, yet so hard to achieve!) Due to such exceptional dimension consistency, the smoker can automate its burning rate right away, not getting confused by the different pellet sizes often seen in other products. Your cooking will get quicker and more efficient!

Still, the flavor they manifest leans more into beef aroma than other tastes. We are certain most customers do not mind that, but it’s still a minor drawback you should pay some attention to.


  • A streamlined blend of hickory and oak
  • Great density for longer cooking process
  • Uniform ball size that fosters more consistent texture


  • Mostly produces beef flavors

7. Best for Cleaning – Pit Boss Hardwood

Source: Amazon 


  • Dimensions: 18 x 26 x 5 inches
  • Weight: 40 pounds
  • Type: Hickory

Here comes the best solution to those who despise hours of hard scrubbing and cleaning! We cannot deny that most options introduced in this list produce little ash; still, Pit Boss beats them all. 

Thanks to its coating of natural lignin – a sturdy and organic plant polymer with strong resistance to pressures – the pellets barely spew out any dissolved ash – less than 1 percent, actually! 

To give you a better visualization, let’s say a whole bag of 40lbs only creates about 0.5 small cups of ashes. You will never need to spend days cleaning your outdoor space after every BBQ party!

Another result of such an exceptional cell structure and pressure resistance is the impeccable air-to-fuel ratio. Other pellets require you to keep a close eye on their balances, but none of that is necessary here.

Each pellet has already sustained an adequate amount of air exposure, after all! You can save lots of energy this way while still enjoying immense cuisine flavors!

Yet, we believe Pit Boss needs to come up with some permanent solutions to its bag material. While the flailing plastic might not pose huge problems if you purchase the product directly from retailers, it will fail to survive under long-distance shipping.


  • Producing little to no ash
  • Hot and clean burns
  • Impeccable air-to-fuel ratio
  • No additives or chemicals


  • Cheap bag material

8. Best Augers-Free – Royal Oak 100%

Source: Amazon 

  • Dimensions: 25.5 x 16 x 4.5 inches
  • Weight: 30 pounds
  • Type: Charcoal Hardwood, Oak

Our strongest impression with Royal Oak lies in the water-resistant coating, which withstands moisture and humidity extremely well! Hence, we are not surprised that there’s barely any auger clogging up inside the grill – which not only gives the cuisine better texture but also cuts down your cleaning hours. What a double kill!

Their temperature range is pretty impressive, too. Most wood chunks would crumble from temperatures above 700 degrees – but certainly not oak, a wood type known for its admirable strength! 

Compressed as pellets, their energy is stronger than ever. That’s why you may raise the temperature as high as you wish, resulting in authentic flavors that all BBQ fans are dying to taste!

The price might turn some customers off, by the way. Although we believe they are a bit costly for good reasons, that’s still a downside you should consider if your budget is not generous.


  • Augers-free for consistent texture and less cleaning times
  • Impressive temp range
  • No additives


  • A bit expensive
  • Mild smoke ring

9. Best Power-Saving – Kona 8X Set

Source: Amazon 


  • Dimensions: 12 x 10.25 x 4.5 inches
  • Weight: 8 pounds (8 1-pound bags)
  • Type: 8 options

Grilling procedures are quite power-consuming – a problem that Kona has successfully addressed! The strong compression technology has rendered each pellet extremely energy-abundant, which means you do not have to use much of them during moderate grilling seasons. 

For each usage, you only need 1/2 cup or even 1/3! Imagine how much money and effort you could save in the long run.

The flavorful blend of Apple, Cherry, and Beech also sets these packages apart from their counterparts. They provide your meat a smoky – yet pretty sweet – flavor that will kick your tongue in the best way possible! Feel free to add some extra spices or seasonings to adjust the ratio until it comes out exactly as you envisioned.

For those concerned about chemicals and additives, be rest assured. Like other alternatives on our list, these woods are all processed in high-quality factory plants, including no artificial substances to yield the most natural aroma. All your lucky guests will remember their irresistible flavors for months to come!

Still, the low compatibility with smoke tubes keeps them from getting a 10 out of 10 from us. Worse cases even lead to dripping black water. Fortunately, the issue can get fixed by professional services.


  • Not requiring much pellets per use
  • No additives or chemicals
  • Blending apple, cherry and hickory


  • Low compatibility with smoke tubes
  • Limited temp range

10. Best Flavor Inclusiveness – Zorestar Variety Pack

Source: Amazon 


  • Dimensions: 9.09 x 8.23 x 6.3 inches
  • Weight: 7.8 pounds (6 packages)
  • Type: Maple, Peach, Natural Wood, Cherry, Apple, Alder 

While most commercial packages come with only one or two flavors (excluding blended ones), Zorestar deserves to be crowned in this aspect. 

It includes six flavors (yes, you heard it right, six!) in six separate packages! Feel free to experiment with them until you find one that suits your brisket best. Your cuisine flavor will be more diversified this way, boosting everyone’s appetite!

With such incredible inclusiveness, there is no wonder that cooking anything with them is possible – not just briskets! Veggies, bakeries, or even seafood can taste wonderfully in your mouth, engulfing your senses with a rich and aromatic taste that is simply unmatched!

That diversity – accompanied by their lightweight and versatile cell structures – is the reason they seem to work well with any grill,  whether indoors or outdoors! 

Hence, for those who decide to change their smokers later on, there’s no need to find an alternative pellet brand. Continue to count on Zorestar – as long as the flavors they manifest can still please you!

So far, it’s pretty difficult to find anything wrong with this product. If we really must dig one drawback, maybe it’s the fact that your cold smokers might take longer to light up. But that’s not a huge problem at the end of the day!


  • Variety pack with six flavors to choose from
  • Working well with any grill
  • Suited to various recipes
  • Top-grade chips for better aromas


  • Taking longer to light up for cold smokers

Tips to Store Wood Pellets for Better Brisket Flavor

Some might take it for granted, but safe pellet storage is necessary, which maximizes their shelf life and keeps fungus, mold, and toxins at bay. 

Remember our “BOOM” formula; no boom means massive doom!

B (Bins or Buckets)

Do you often purchase wood pellets in bulk bags? If so, never leave these chunks in their original bag (offered by the producer), as these punctured containers might expose the wood to moisture or oxygen. Their deterioration will come faster than expected, penetrating your briskets and causing diseases.

Instead, five-gallon buckets with lids on top ensure your wood always stays sealed and dry, fostering optimal cuisine quality and taste!

Some brands also provide pellet buckets with wire-mesh filters to safeguard them against wood dust. No grime or dirt can enter your hopper as a result, protecting you from potential accidents.

Double O (Off The Grounds/ Only Open When Necessary)

Bags in direct contact with the soil will suffer from a higher risk of exposure to excessive moisture. After all, water leaks or rain all start from there! 

So, never forget to place your packages on an open, elevated surface to keep the mist from pooling around them.

Also, don’t open these bags until you feel ready to utilize them in your cooking. 

Open and unused bags in extended periods will get oxygenated, breaking down the pellets from their hardened capsules. They will crumble! Always use up your opened bag first before moving to the next one.

M (Moist Avoidance)

Can you spot a consistent presence in the previous paragraphs? That’s right, moisture – the pellets’ all-time enemy! 

It shatters the wood and establishes a new habitat for toxic fungus and molds. Humidity should also be avoided at all costs – equally as dangerous as moisture from rain and water leakage!

For people storing their wood in areas like basements, buy a dehumidifier to keep its air circulation as wry as possible. Otherwise, you may waste a fortune for nothing! Pellets are never cheap, after all. You don’t want to spend double the price to buy replacements to bad wood pellets, don’t you? 


1. What Is Wood Pellets’ Burning Rate for Briskets?

Average calculation deduces 1 to 4 pounds of pellet usage per hour for a typical grill. Nevertheless, other external factors, such as cold weather or wind, might be at play, which slows down the burning. Not to mention, different wood types have different rates – and the meat size should also receive some attention. For instance, large beef brisket pieces call for 12 hours, meaning they consume more pellets than smaller cuisines.

2. Do I Need to Soak Pellets Before Smoking The Brisket?

What a deadly question! No, no, and no. They do not work well with moisture, as we have already stressed hundreds of times. Sinking them in water will destroy their composition and lead to premature disintegration! 

3. What Is The Optimal Temperature Range to Smoke The Brisket with My Wood Pellet?

Briskets taste best when cooked slow and low. We suggest you preheat the pellets to 250 degrees Fahrenheit (Hi-Smoke) and cook your meat till its internal temp reaches around 160. 

Since numerous factors influence the required cooking time, it would be best to do frequent checks on the temp rather than count the total minutes that have passed!


So what’s the best pellet for brisket? This guide has delivered ten amazing options for you to pick from. After intense debates to find the true winner, we are pleased to tell you that Zonestar excels in many aspects, delivering diverse flavors, rapid heating time, and great compatibility with all grill types!For more questions about the best wood pellets for brisket, please contact us!

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